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A new beginning starts here

Opportunities to participate at CdC.

As we make final preparations to open the doors and share our ideas, knowledge and resources with a wider audience, we'd like to offer opportunities to participate in our future. The place we call "CdC" is the physical embodiment of our commitment to environmental recovery and we are now looking for people to manage and perform activities and events in this carbon negative environment. You may be surprised that your skill or trade can be considered environmentally friendly but as we firmly believe, it's not what you do but the way you do it. 

Do you have an idea for a business? We believe that most business activities can be operated within sustainable practices and here at the CdC project we can give you the space, tools and the support you need to turn your plans into reality . There are many ways in which to do business at CdC. Our main venue space is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, audio and catering facilities and can be configured for a multitude of events from workshops, presentations and exhibitions to small concerts, pop up eating and much more. 

Perhaps you have an ability or skill that you could share with others. EcoAlgarve will assist you with all your requirements to teach, lecture, exhibit or present, including internal/external space, promotion, setting up etc. 

In-House Collaborators
We are now ready to make the transition to a non-profit commercial entity and require key management personnel to assist in running the site in the areas of business development and management of the site and its activities.  Full details available on request. 

Helpers / Volunteers
While the volunteer/helper program is being scaled down, we would still be interested to talk to people for shorter term (12 weeks minimum) projects in the areas of building, landscaping, or business activities such as marketing, planning and administration.