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Since the start of the CdC project more than 12 years ago, a great deal of work has been done by people on a voluntary basis. While hosting people from all parts of the world with a vast array of experience, a lot of ideas and skills have been exchanged. It's fair to say that most of participants who were here have left behind an indelible mark, some obvious, some subtle and as such have had an impact on the future of this project. There is a perception that volunteering is simply a means of getting cheap labour although in relation to the CdC project, this is not the case. The project here would have been completed many years ago and at a much reduced cost had things been done in a conventional way, however conventional is not the way we do things here. Ecology, sustainability and organic growth are the things at the core of the project and restoring to nature what was once a builders dumping ground and workshops has been a long, painstaking but worthwhile process.

The CdC Project is now turning a corner as we make final preparation in readiness for commercial activities. Our target now is to begin generating an income as quickly as possible, making it possible to pay participants who might be  interested in a longer term role.  Our personel requirements range from building development and maintenance trades to landscape and gardening as well as adminstrative, managerial and marketing positions.  While looking for longer term participants we would still likje to hear of anyone with relevant skills to join us for a shorter period, 1-3 months being the minimum due to the learning curve. Please click on the link below to see ther latest information about the opportunities available.