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Welcome to EcoAlgarve

EcoAlgarve is a sustainability initiative based in southern Portugal, where we strive to find solutions to the global problem of limited resources and over-consumption.

Many of us have a broken relationship with stuff, knowing the price but not the value however take comfort, you are not entirely to blame, perhaps not to blame at all. A barrage of misinformation from the media and behind them corporations, have convinced a large swathe of the population that our worth and success is measured by our puchasing power.

It's very late to put the brakes on consumerism but the money in your pocket is a powerful weapon that can bring about immediate change and we would like to convince you that there are real alternatives to buying new and that it doesn’t mean your life will suffer. Quite the opposite! The satisfaction from restoring, repairing, reinventing and redesigning is off the scale.

Whilst being an online platform for the dissemination of accurate and truthful information about stuff, EcoAlgarve also sponsors The CdC Project, a venue in southern Portugal where many activities and groups are to be hosted in a sensible and practical (mostly) off grid environment.  



Quinta do Cerro da Cruz

Algarve  Portugal



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