Buildings / Landscape / Mechanical

We would very much like to find people for the long term who are capable and would relish the challenge to assist in the management, development and maintenance of the buildings, equipment and landscape. Over the years we have invested in vast array of quality equipment, machinery and stores so that we are capable to carry most of our maintenance and works.  All motor vehicles including a tractor are also serviced on site. This is a challenging but rewarding role and can be adapted to suit the skills of the successful applicant. Training can also be provided where necessary.  As such it's not vital to be expert in all the systems we have but have a good working knowledge and the ability to oversee and manage the works done by others.

There follows a list of all the systems and tasks.
Small building works: Including brick/blockwork / cement rendering / general carpentry / tiling / screeding / paving 
Landscaping: Including Soil rotovating / irrigation maintenance / planting / cutting-pruning / general gardening
Buildings Maintenance:  Including water distribution systems / electrical systems / CCTV and IT systems
Mechanical:  Including the service, maintenance and repair of 2 vehicles, a tractor (30hp with front loader and back hoe), strimmers and chain saws and hand tools

At the same time, we would like to talk to anyone who has building, carpentry or landscape/gardening skills for a shorter term stay. Full details are available by request to

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