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The future is in our hands

Welcome to EcoAlgarve

EcoAlgarve is a sustainability initiative based in southern Portugal, where we strive to find solutions to the global problem of limited resources and over-consumption.
Many of us have a broken relationship with STUFF, knowing the price but not the value and the main reason for this is the mis-information used to sell products.

Take for example electric vehicles (EV’s) . Most people believe that because an EV gets from a to b emitting less cO2 than a fossil fuel vehicle that they are a cleaner alternative. Wrong! This idea assumes that EV’s appear out of thin air which of course they do not. What vehicle manufacturers are failing to tell you is the trail of destruction left by the sourcing of materials and manufacturing process. A trail that is devastating countries such as Chile and polluting the planet on a vast scale with toxic sulphur from cargo ships. The manufacturing process 80% of which is occurs in China who currently burn 60% of the world’s coal production to produce energy, then to be distributed around the globe with more toxic cargo ships. If you happen to live in London, the chances are that you will be charging your EV with electricity produced from gas, a fossil fuel in case you didn’t know. It’s worth noting that many of the larger gas guzzling luxury cars that are traded in for EV’s will be sold to third world countries where they will burn lower grade fuel and pollute more than they did previously. The final sting in the tail is that while EV manufacturers may claim that much of their vehicles can be recycled it will not be economic to do so, especially in the case of the billions of toxic waste batteries for which there is currently no plan or legislation for disposal. 

It's very late to put the brakes on consumerism but the money in your pocket is a powerful weapon that can bring about immediate change and we would like to convince you that there are real alternatives to buying new and that it doesn’t mean your life will suffer. Quite the opposite! The satisfaction from restoring, repairing, renewing, and redesigning is off the scale.

Whilst being an online platform for the dissemination of accurate and truthful information about STUFF, EcoAlgarve also sponsors the CdC Project, a venue in southern Portugal hosting groups and activities in a practical low carbon (mostly) off grid environment.  



Vivenda dos tres pinheiros
Cerro da Cruz
Algarve  Portugal


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