CDC is.......

CdC is the name given to a unique project to provides a platform for wide range of activities both educational and recreational.  The development of buildings and ladscape has been done in the most ecologigal and sustainable way possible, recyling and re-using materials within our reach.    

The Site:
With ample vehicle parking and within easy reach of all transport systems, the centre could not be more accessible, however despite being well connected and in close proximity to all amenities, the setting is rural and a welcome respite to the bustle of the town and cities.  Having now completed most of the infrastructure, phase one of the project will commence with the opening of a cafĂ© and member areas including an indoor lounge, terraces and gardens as well as offering accommodation in the form of a three bedroom villa, with private garden..

The Activities:
Activities will be provided through a series of member only clubs, each specializing in a different area of expertise. Our aim is to provide both a meeting place and resource centre to enhance the experience of both learning and socializing with like-minded people. Preliminary activities to be launched in phase one of the development will include a motorcycle club, a language laboratory, repair/restore and transform workshops, a nature club, a wine club, an audiophile club and general local social club.

Phase 2 of the project will provide a 100+ seat audio visual venue and large private terrace which alongside the regular activities, CdC, will play host to music performance, lectures, art exhibitions, sport and educational screenings, demonstrations and presentations.