The people we need most to acheive our goals fall into two catagories. Physical assistance with develpment and maintainance of the site and  admistrative to help with manangement, planning and implementation of a strategy for the future.

Our philosophy is that you do not need to be an expert to  take on a task, in fact experience has shown us that people with little relevant experience can acheive a great deal if they have the ability and the will to succeed.  Every assistance will be given to provide both the tools, resources and training to do the job.  Naturally, if you have expertise or specific skills to help us, that would be a bonus, but it is not an absolute requirement.  It is important however that all participants have a realistic view of our place on this planet and realize that through our actions it is in our power to help restore the balance.

We ask all participants to multi-task their primary role with other work for several reasons. Firstly,  The CdC Project is relatively small  and as such each participant must help with a wider range of duties to assist in the overall maintenance of the site. Secondly, multi-tasking promotes the learning of new skills, a better understanding of what makes the project tick and can provide a welcome change from repetitive tasks.  For more details onthe oportunities at The CdC Project, please look at the links below.

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