General Manager and Business developer

We are looking for a special someone who can who help with the planning and implementation of a business strategy for both the immediate and longer term future.  The task will be to help with the management of the site as well as assisting to develop our  business plan.  This role would suit someone with entreprenuerial skills and a flair for marketing.   Naturally, an affinity for our core ambitions connected to ecology and sustainability is a must but all other aspects of the role are flexible and can be adapted to suit specific skills and experience of the right applicant, for example, should an applicant have a background, personal or professional, in any of our proposed activities, from yoga to motorcycle maintainence.  

As is our way, this role will be will be combined with other physical and creative tasks to provide balance to the daily routine.

Organisational skills, management ability, planning and strategy skills, good communication (English) language skills.  

For further information please contact for details. 


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