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Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.

I wonder if like me, you saw the series "Kill it, Cook it, Eat it" on TV, about a group of city people who took part in an experiment that exposed them to the realities of hunting and eating game. It was an experience not to be forgotten for all the participants who ranged from a hairdresser to a city banker, vegetarian and meat eaters. In the episode I saw, the group were taken to the Scottish highlands. to stalk deer and after finding and shooting their quarry, the animal was hauled back for butchering and cooking. It was all pretty gory stuff, but an amazing reality check for those that had never experienced the like. At the end of the program, just about all attitudes to hunting of this kind had changed with one vegetarian actually trying the meat and enjoying it.

Well! Itís one thing seeing this kind of thing on TV, itís another entirely when you have a rabbit in your sights for the first time and you have to pull the trigger and go through that whole process for real. In the trade itís called blooding (according to my pal Bruce). For a moment I was stunned, the pellet left my air rifle then whack!, the rabbit keeled over. Stunned because Iím no crack shot and the rabbit was more than 30 meters away (in the field directly behind my house) and secondly because it appeared that I had finished it of with just one shot

I hurried to the spot where the rabbit was and there it was, dead as a door nail. I could hardly believe what had happened and it occurred to me that maybe no one else would believe it either, so I darted back to the house and grabbed my camera to gather the evidence. At that point, I knew that the kill was the easy bit and that I had no choice now but to prepare this animal for the pot. So! first a quick call to Bruce for advice and a bit of moral support, then I set to work, dismembering this ball of fur with big brown eyes. Once the head was off (no easy task for a novice), I started to get into the rhythm, taking pictures as I went along, as I was sure no one would believe I went through with the whole thing. Surprisingly, my worst fear, taking the skin off was not nearly as hard as I had imagined, after which the bunny resembled something you would see in the butcherís window.

Job done, I decided to cook the rabbit with prunes and red wine (a Belgian recipe) and the resulting stew, served with boiled potatoes was truly delicious.

This was a life changing experience for sure, as I know that I would have no qualms in doing the whole thing over, so I am truly blooded and thereís no turning back I also believe that it is in the spirit of ecology to source food locally (canít get much more local than your back garden) and that if you do eat meat, that responsible hunting is both a natural and humane way to get that meat to your table.

Bon appetite.



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