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The most important factor in applying to assist on the CdC project, is that you have a genuine interest in the environmental issues of today and that you want to help us make a difference.

There follows a list of skills that are required both now and in the future. If you think you might fit in but aren't quite sure then do, get in touch.   We would be very interested to hear from anyone who is concerned about the future of our planet and would like to help in any of the areas shown below, whether for a short term experience or possibly getting involved in the long term objective.  In exchange for your services we offer accommodation and reasonable living wage.  If you think you can contribute in a way not listed below, let us know. 

General Manager (required now):

We are looking for a responsible person to coordinate the activities on site at the CdC project during the expansion of our facilities.  This includes building works, goods in and out, overseeing all onsite workers and volunteers with a view to security, efficiency and safety.  In order to communicate with suppliers and local workers , the General Manager will be required to speak Portuguese and English fluently   and have the negotiating and researching skills to secure the best available pricing.   

Marketing and Media (required now):

We need as a matter of urgency, someone who can assist in  formulating a strategy for raising awareness and promoting EA activities.  This position will involve all aspects of our public image and the marketing our products and services.  A good understanding of web site design and communication skills will be essential, as will the ability to identify and explore new marketing opportunities. 


General Building. (required now):  

The buildings currently consist of two cottages and a large warehouse, which are all in good shape having been entirely refurbished four years ago.  Our plan now is to expand the  living accommodation and prepare for retail and administrative activities, as well as maximizing the efficiency of our use of natural  resources.  To assist, we are looking for people with plumbing, carpentry and general maintenance skills as well as decorating and wet trade skills.  

Landscaping. (required now):

Our land covers some 4,000 sq m and we have ambitious plans to create sports/activity/leisure  areas within a natural and climate tolerant environment.  It is not our intention to grow produce for resale ,however we would like to become as self sufficient as is practical.  We are looking for people with landscape design and  general gardening skills.  

Cafe and Retail (summer/autumn 2016):

As part of our drive to create a local Eco community, we plan to open a cafe/retail space offering both our own exclusive products as well as products from our members.  We are looking for someone who can help in the setting up and management of this facility, with the skills to create simple menu's and select appealing products for retail and exchange, including literature, audio visual media, foods and other goods that conform to our eco friendly and cruelty free policy.


If you would like to apply to participate in the CdC project please complete the application form by clicking here



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