About Us

EcoAlgarve is a non-profit making organization, created to provide a centre for information about  products and services in the Algarve region that are considered to be working towards a sustainable future.  Through web based forums , newsletters , local events and community groups,  we will highlight issues that affect us locally and coordinate action in areas where we are best placed to contribute towards a solution.  

Our Mission.

 EcoAlgarve has two main agendas.  A reduction in the waste we produce and a return to local economics.   Our goal is to play a key role in bringing about change in the Algarve region by promoting  home grown products and services whilst providing a  resource centre for recycling activities .    It is our aim to support anyone  we consider to be acting in the best interest of a  sustainable future.   Individuals, Businesses,  Organizations and Local Government all have a part to play and it is our task to raise the issues and coordinate the response. 

Our Ethos

We cannot wait for politicians and global organizations to  steer us from disaster , their mechanisms are too slow and in many cases it is against fiscal policy to change their ways.  Our policy is Action Now!  We want to break the consumer cycle and wake people up to the realities of our existence on this planet.     Our abiding principle is that of hope for the future, without which EcoAlgarve and ecological organizations worldwide would have little meaning.



Your resource centre for a sustainable Future. 

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