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Ecological living is not just an agenda for the future, it's an important commitment we must make now if we are to avoid serious damage to our natural environment.   We all must consider the lives we lead and the impact we have on our environment.       

It's an enormous challenge that we face, but I think you will all agree that it is worth the effort, with so much at stake.    It's our duty as custodians of the planet to clear  up the mess and to put us on course for a sustainable future.  

EcoAlgarve  aims to make the task of  sustainable living easier and enjoyable by  sharing information about products and services whilst keeping you up to date with events and activities in the region.

Please take a look at our pages and help yourself and your children to a healthier and happier lifestyle by joining  the EcoAlgarve community,  it's simple, free  and will  help us make the changes that are so important for our future.   To receive regular updates of news, events and special offers, please take a moment to register and become a member of the EcoAlgarve community  by clicking here.



Your resource centre for a sustainable Future. 

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